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Singapore Singles Dating Safety Guidelines

Dating can be exciting and fun especially when it is your first date to meet someone that impresses you. But the dating game has its safety issues and whether if you are a men or women, you should practice safe dating rules than to regret later. We want to help you improve your dating life and at the same time protect you from any possible dangers. Here are some singles dating safety guidelines you should try to follow to protect yourself from any kind of undue harm.


Inform Your Friends or Family Members

Dating is fun and can be a private matter but it is fine to inform someone (whom you can trust) where you are heading to for your appointment or date. You can also inform him/her the estimated time you will be back home.

Make the Way to the Meeting Place Yourself

You should make your way to your dating place on your own without the need for the date to pick you up. Take a public transport there and get familiar with the location while on the way there.  

Date in A Public Place Especially For First Dates 

It is recommended to select a public place for your dates especially for first dates. Do not go for getaways or isolated places where there is less human traffic. It takes time to know a person, so taking precaution can signal your date that you are not to be taken advantage of easily.

Stay Contactable At All Times

Bring along a fully charged mobile phone for contact and emergency purposes. You can call for help in unforeseen circumstances. It is also important not to leave personal items unattended which can be tampered with when you are not around.

Don’t Drink Alcohol When You Date

It is not advisable to drink alcohol while on a date. You need to stay sober throughout the date to make logical decisions and actions. Under the influence of alcohol, you can make wrong decision that you will regret later or bring you undue harm.

Trust What Your Senses Tell You

Sometimes your ‘6th sense’ can tell you something is going right or wrong about the date. It is nothing wrong to be safe than sorry. If you do not feel right about the date, you should decide wisely whether you will continue or have more future dates.

It is important to prepare for a successful date so that you can move forward in the relationship and find your potential life partner. You are advised to follow the singles dating safety guidelines for a safe date.