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Dating Research of Singapore Singles by Singles Dating 2U

We found from hearing out and talking with many Singapore singles about their dating problems that there are various reasons singles first dates fail.  We have our own unique culture in Singapore, which differs from other countries like the U.S and Europe.  Like, do you know your potential date might be dating a few people and in his/her mind they are subconsciously making a decision based on the impact you leave?  Well, if you keep to some simple rules, those single first dates will improve.  Here, we will share our insight.  It’s not an exhaustive list but it is an ongoing process for us to help you find a better date.

1. Your Phone Is a Date

Was you last date full of sms and incoming phone calls?  If so, you fall victim of a bad date.  When you are with a date, make sure he/she is respected and feels important to you.  If you have an urgent call or matter, you should inform your date about it in advance.  When you receive the call, keep it short then immediately follow up on the conversation you were in prior to the call.  Remember, you SHOULD NOT go into the details of the call, it will worsen the situation unless your date is interested in finding out more.

2. The Power of Conversation

The tone and the way you put your message across makes an impact on the impression you leave to your date.  Conversing in a positive manner is a great way for attracting your date.  Here’s an example of 2 statements both leaving a different impact.

            Statement #1: You are such a successful person.  Why would you want to date me?
            (This speaks of your low confidence level.)

            Statement #2: I’m really honored to date such a successful person like you.
            (This tells your date he/she is great and you are glad to have his/her company.)

Using the wrong words can leave a different impact all together and ruin your chances of success.

3. Being on Time

Do you know by being late for a date decreases your chance of success before you even meet your date?  Being late can cause your potential date to form ideas of your personality in their mind.  It gives them time to think whether you are a serious and sincere person.  These mental models are really a pitfall for you.  If you’re not going to be on time, be apologetic and try to inform your date before he/she leaves for the meet up location.

4. Telling the Wrong Story about Yourself

After conversing for some time, you feel comfortable enough to share more details about your life.  You SHOULD NOT tell stories about your ex-relationships or problems you’ve faced.  You are talking with a new potential partner and by doing this, you can ruin this chance.  Instead, tell more positive stories about yourself.  For instance, about the achievements you’ve made recently or find a common activity or interest to spark off a nice and engaging conversation. 

5. Negative Connection

One of the worst things you can do is keep complaining about how your dating life is.  For example, how bad the last event organizer was and how bad the participants were.  You may think it makes you look smart by giving critical comments and evaluations, but this can be leaving a bad impression with your date.  They may look at you as a ‘Negative Connector’.  You should talk about positive topics and leave a happy first experience for the date.