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Singapore Singles Dating 2U Dating Rules

You will agree that dating isn’t easy and you are not alone. We spoke to many Singapore singles like you out there and found that singles find dating challenging especially when they can’t follow up on subsequent dates after the first date. Now, the subsequent dates are really important for you and your potential partner to explore the chemistry that both of you could have. But there are various pitfalls and mistakes you can make that could turn your success into a failure eventually. Simple failure could even occur in the early process of dating.

Most singles do not know they are committing dating mistakes which lead to failure. Such mistakes could range from messaging and talking too often on mobile phone while on a date, wearing the wrong attire totally, talking on wrong topics and the list goes on and on. While such mistakes can be corrected but most singles are not aware when they are committing dating mistakes.

Well, how do you be more aware and wise in this dating game? We are here to help you and recommend to you various simple dating rules to follow that will level up your chances of success. Here is a list of dating rules which are not exhaustive but nonetheless it is a good guide for your dating journey.

Dating Rules

  1. Look your best and be on time, do not leave an “I don’t care” attitude.
  1. Enjoy your date, it is supposed to be fun. 
  1. Pass positive and encouraging comments to your potential date.   
  1. Show interest by paying attention, asking questions and sharing ideas. 
  1. Date someone whom you are attracted to. Do not lead someone on if you are not interested. Be courteous and sensitive to his/her emotions and feelings.
  1. Keep a positive outlook even if dates don’t end well. Remember that you can meet some nice and interesting people along the way and make good friends.
  1. Put in effort and time to plan for a date. Exercising creativity might surprise your date.
  1. Take action to open up your social network by joining social events and gatherings, this will help you in the potential partner search.
  1. Share ideas, experiences and opinions with fellow singles who are dating will improve your dating skills and provide emotional support for you.
  1. Do not keep messaging (msn, sms etc.) or emailing your new potential date if he/she does not reply. It will show that you are impatient and desperate.
  1. Tell the truth. Being sincere and honest to your date pays in the long term. Lying can destroy your chances of success.   
  1. Show that you have an exciting and fulfilling life. By being too available you may be seen as boring. Creating some mystery about yourself initially will keep the other party guessing and be interested.
  1. Show respect and manners when you are on a date even you discover that the person is not what you are looking for.
  1. Protect yourself from danger. Attend dates in an open public place. Be reachable on a charged mobile phone and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.